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Apr. 16, 2014

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Are you ready to rise to the next level? We empower executives, top performers, entrepreneurs, and technology leaders via our personal branding and résumé writing services. When someone reads your résumé, do they say WOW? If not, contact us now.
Does your current position keep you too busy to create your own résumé and career documents? Let us take that off your shoulders. This is our only business. In the dynamic executive talent market, you need a dedicated professional writer and marketer to help you stand out from the crowd.
By asking you the right questions, we can uncover your unique selling proposition. A clear, focused, and compelling résumé is essential to get your foot in the door. We also develop executive biographies, KSA essays, cover letters, and other career-related personal marketing documents. Choose a résumé package now or let us know your needs and we will provide a custom quote.
Your professional services will be provided by Tamara Dowling:
  • A Certified Professional Resume Writer®, highly knowledgeable of the latest writing trends.
  • Since 1999, she has written hundreds of articles and guides on resume writing and personal branding.
  • She remains ahead of the curve in the world of personal marketing.
  • As a former marketing and operations executive in the eCommerce and insurance industries, she has the perfect background to assist executive clients.
Résumé Packages
Frequently Asked Questions
About Our Senior Writer
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